Hydraulic Cylinders

EHS specialises in 3D modelling and design of hydraulic cylinders. This also extends to the whole hydraulic system, including custom manifold blocks, pipe work and fittings. The highest quality seals and material are used in each build, to ensure durability and long service life. Our expertise in 5 axis CNC machining allows us to machine billet parts for the whole …

Lifting Jib

The EHS Jib is a certified lifting device used on a front end loader tractor. Used in relation with cable handling equipment and attachments, the EHS Jib has many features and options to suit each site requirement. Contact EHS Manufacturing for more information International enqires welcome Worldwide shipping available

EHS Manufacturing dragline shovel cable handling equipment

Cable Handling Tractor

In addition to manufacturing Cable Handling attachments, EHS also supply complete Cable Tractor packages. Each package is tailored to suit each mine site requirement. Contact EHS Manufacturing for more information International enqires welcome Worldwide shipping availableĀ 

EHS Wedgemate 400T suspended


Through innovative engineering, precision machining, fabrication and testing, the Wedgmate dragline rope socket removal tool was created. During routine dragline maintenance and rigging the wedge removal tool is an asset as removes the wedge ‘ Out. Safe. Everytime’. The solution came from wedges being to tight for the old way the socket wedges are currently being removed, through the use …

Cable Drag Bar

With the use of a Cable Handling Tractor, the Cable Drag Bar is capable of towing up to 5000kgs. The tow hookĀ  design allows quick attachment of cable across a number of positions. The carry tray gives the operator the ability to have cable slings and/or traffic cones on hand when they are required.

Dual Reeler

The Dual Reeler is a 3 point linkage attachment used for the safe handling of electrical shovel and dragline cables. Being a shorter compact unit then the EHS single reel the dual reel still sits outside the foot print of the cable tractor. Front and rear scoop plates enable safe transition from ground to reel with out the risk of …

Cable Handling Manipulator

EHS Manufacturing has worked with cable handling over many years, with innovative designs and solutions, our aim is to move electric shovel and dragline cables safely. Through the use of a Front End Loader Tractor, the Cable Handling Manipulator attaches to the EHS Jib. This allows simple and easy cable movement, with good visibility to the end of the jib …